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Voodoo Pickles

There's so many cool fan-made pokemon out there (often called fakemon). I originally came up with these designs when chatting casually with my pal and fellow animator Gerkinman. Then I sat on these ideas for quite a few months until I felt they had stewed long enough to be worth drawing. The general idea was to combine poppets/voodoo dolls with pickles to create a sort of rough raggedy series of little creatures that look mischievous, filthy, and hopefully cute.

Nathan malone pickle pokemon

all the pickles in one spot.

Nathan malone cuclumsy stats

Cuclumsy has soft material for feet, making it wobbly as it stands. Trainers can often hear them stumbling around in the underbrush, knocking over small plants.

Nathan malone poppikel stats

Poppikel like to run through forests, grabbing leaves as they move. Sometimes they will leave pins on branches where leaves used to be.

Nathan malone voodill stats

Farmers like Voodill, due to their tendency to poke pests with their pins, thus keeping their crops safe.

Nathan malone gherkane stats

Gherkane appear to be stoic and wise yet are anything but. Often they are found shouting at their own reflections in water.